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Our present fourth Shenzhen SME innovation hundred awards ceremony


The afternoon of April 23rd, the Golden Hall of Wuzhou brilliantly illuminated international hotel in the city of Shenzhen, hundreds of small and medium sized enterprises in Shenzhen on behalf of the clouds gathered here, to witness a grand ceremony "awards ceremony of the fourth Shenzhen municipal innovation hundred small and medium sized enterprises". Shenzhen city mayor Xu Qin attended the ceremony and made a speech. Division director of the marketing department, Bai Guiqing, attended the award ceremony on behalf of the company.

Awards ceremony, Xu Qin hope that the majority of the city's small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the quality standards as a benchmark, to take practical action to improve quality, create brand, establish credibility, striving to expand the market; innovation driven development practice, improve the ability of independent innovation, enhance the enterprise's internal power and core competitiveness; striving for industrial transformation upgrade the forerunner, actively implement the China manufacturing 2025, Internet plus other action plan, seize the opportunity, with greater efforts to promote enterprise restructuring and development, cross-border integration, industry chain and value chain to high-end forward, the enterprise bigger and stronger, so that Shenzhen Enterprises to maintain sustainable development; striving to implement the national "The Belt and Road" strategy Pathfinder force, accelerate the going out pace, Shenzhen set up the enterprise image, in a broader international market Chinese show business style.

Xu Qin said that the Shenzhen municipal government will encourage and support small and medium-sized enterprises as in the past in the deep development, promote the formation of industry associations, enterprises and government to promote the development of the situation, in the joint efforts of "four comprehensive" to create new performance, gain innovation advantage.

It is understood that the fourth independent innovation Shenzhen SME selection activities, the SME Development Promotion Association, the City SME International Technical Cooperation Association, the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region newspaper Co sponsored. After more than half a year's investigation and selection, named the Shenzhen hundred small and medium sized enterprises. Our honor to be named one of the top 100 small and medium enterprises in Shenzhen. This marks the future, the relevant departments of the city, such as the division of innovative enterprises, such as long-term to give special funds to support. I believe, in the relevant departments of the support, I Division will take a more robust pace, strutting on the road of independent innovation.