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China Hi-Tech Fair 2019- Shenzhen Bao’an district committee secretary, District Present and other leaders visit VLG booth

November12, 2019, VLG came to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Thistime, we brought the latest C10(Infrared Induction Car Wireless Charger), P12(Wireless Power Bank) ,and T40( Long Distance Wireless Charger), the exhibitionwill last to April 11, 2019.

1F 1E45 Our booth is in hall 1, Zhi Chuang Bao’an 1F 1E45.

Bao’an Hi-tech Exhibition area, our booth.

It’s honor for us is that Bao’an district committee secretary, district present and other leaders visits VLG booth. The following picture shows our staff introducing VLG to leaders.

VLG wireless chargers.

Our colleague showing the wireless chargers and related products to leaders.

 T40-long distance wireless charger.

VLG brought the most noteworthy wireless charger, T40-long distance wireless charger to the Fair. Vertical charging distance could reach up to 40mm, It only takes about 3.5h to full charged iPhone with 5W. 

Vertical charging distance could reach up to 15mm-40mm

Use screws or adhesive to fix, easy to install.

1.StandardCompatiblewith Qi-BPP       



4.Charging efficiency≥72

5.Working frequency115-140KHZ

6.Charging distance15mm-40mm    

7.Effective charging areaφ20mm

Suitable for all places.

C10 car wireless charger

In addition to T40 long distance wireless charger, VLG also brings a new product C10 automatic infrared induction car wireless charger. Real wireless really convenient, adding a safety net for your driving navigation.

nfrared induction, automatic wireless charging.



3.Output5V1A 9V 1.1A       

4.Charging efficiency≥72

5.Working frequency110-205KHZ

6.Charging distance3mm-8mm

1Fully automatic infraredinduction car wireless charging.

2infrared induction

3Motor gear drive

4Supportfast charge 10W, 7.5W.

Enter the quick charging condition: useQC2.0/QC3.0 charger

P12-Wireless Power Bank

Worried about the lack of power on your phone?

Worried about a broken cable that won't recharge?

Charge three devices simultaneously.

Various colors can be customized by batch and so on. While introducing them to leaders, they also attract many media interviews.

Finally, Bao’an district committee secretary, district President and other leaders together to take a  photo for our Zhichuang Bao’an, we are very glad VLG is involved !

November 13-17, 2019

The 21st CHTF

VLG is in Zhichuang Bao 'an 1F 1E45, bringing our latest products to the Fair, welcome to visit.

Click on the card below to go to the event venue.

Exhibitionhall 1, Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center (Futian district, Shenzhen)

Ifyou want to see our other products, also could follow our WeChat publicaccount, VLG will help you with all your questions.