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VLG adopts MT8000 & Rts65 Darkroom for verifying performance of 5G products

VLG adopts Anritsu MT8000 Wireless communication test platform (integrated measurement instrument) and Bluetest Rts65 Darkroom for verifying the performance of 5G products.

Anritsu MT8000 Wireless communication test platform 

The 5G terminal test solution of Anritsu company can be fully verified, whichcan meet the test of 5G non-independent (NSA) and independent (SA) modes, andcover the FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (millimeter wave) frequency bands used by 5G,combined with the wireless anechoic chamber, and can realize the millimeterwave signal quality and communication test in OTA environment. The cooperationbetween Anritsuand VLG around 5G technology testing will facilitate the rapid rollout ofcommercial 5G devices and services." Anritsu continues to be at the forefrontof testing technology with one of the most extensive portfolio of 5G testproducts. VLG validates the performance of its modules and speeds their launch."VLG has released a number of 5G communication modules based on Qualcomm5G baseband chips, and launched customized solutions for eMBB and otherindustries simultaneously based on 5G modules," said Sui dongzan,marketing director of Anritsu China.“By using a stable and powerful testing platform, we can accelerate thevalidation of our 5G products. We will maintain cooperation with Anritsu to bring high-quality 5G dayproducts to the market."

Key Features:

1. Itprovides integrated support for RF measurement and protocol testing in Sub-6GHzand millimeter wave frequency bands.

2. Supportmillimeter band RF measurements and beamforming tests in conjunction with OTAtest Chamber.

3. Aflexible platform using a modular architecture.

4. Supportfor existing LTE test environments.

Application:5G terminal chip and RF test, OTA test, protocol test for 5G mobile terminal.



1.   With the simulation function of 5G base station, a singleMT8000A test platform can support both Sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave frequencybands for 5G. When combined with an OTA darkroom, a call connection defined by3GPP can be used for millimeter-band RF measurements and beamforming tests.

2.  Implement aleading design with flexibility and extensibility using a modular architecture.The design not only supports technologies such as high level MIMO (4x4MIMO) andcarrier aggregation (8CA) for high-speed broadband communications, but alsoprovides flexible and forward-looking support for new 5G testing requirements,including URLLC and mMTC.

3.  MT8000A is anintegrated testing platform for RF, protocol, beam testing and beam formingevaluation. In addition to supporting the SA and NSA mode base stationcapabilities needed to simulate the development of 5G chipsets and terminals,it also supports the latest technologies, such as 2CC+4x4 MIMO for increasingdata transmission speeds in the Sub-6GHz frequency band and 8CC+2x2MIMO forbroadband millimeter wave. In addition, it also supports key frequency bandsused in the first commercial deployment of 5G, such as 600MHz, 2.5ghz, 3.5ghzand 4.5ghz sub-6ghz frequency bands (FR1) and 28GHz and 39GHz millimeter-wavefrequency bands (FR2). Based on the easy-to-use GUI and software for flexiblysetting various test parameters, as well as the UCTS automation control tooldeveloped by anli China, it helps to flexibly and quickly configure the testenvironment, bringing high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


RTS65 5G and millimeter wave OTA testing system

RTS65 OTA darkroom

* Overview:

It is Bluetest's OTA test star product forcurrent and future wireless and mobile communications markets, adopted by manycustomers, supporting OTA testing of wireless communications products from 2G,3G, 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth to 5G and millimeter wave.

* RTS65 darkroom technical principle: 

The RTS65 OTA reverberation darkroom consistsof a metal cavity with highly reflective walls and one or more devices for evenstirring in the cavity. The electromagnetic field in reverb room is Rayleighdistributed in time (on the time axis of stirring speed) and space (on thelength axis of wavelength), simulating a rich isotropic multipath fadingenvironment. Due to electromagnetic radiation by sampling in random directions,isotropic properties can be calculated, the corresponding integralapproximation, the surface of a sphere is radiation when a sufficiently largenumber of independent sample number, that will feel the object under testdirection gay incident conditions, therefore can measure the performance ofantenna or mobile terminals in all directions. This feature is used in antennaefficiency testing, mobile terminal total radiant power (TRP), totalomnidirectional sensitivity (TIS) and MIMO total average throughput (TPuT)measurements.

* RTS65 darkroom OTA test application:

1. Passive antenna: antenna efficiency, gain, isolation andother test items

2. Short distance communication: WiFi(802.11 a/b/g/n), bluetoothTRP and TIS


4. 4G: FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, TRP,TIS and 2x2 MIMO,4x4 MIMOthroughput

NSA, SAà   TRP,TIS and 2x2 MIMO,4x4 MIMO throughput

*Future OTA testing extensions for RTS65darkroom:

Based on theexisting RTS65 darkroom system, it can support the application of 5Gmillimeter-wave OTA test for the future through convenient, fast andcost-effective software and hardware upgrades on the spot. It can realize theefficiency and orientation test of the passive antenna in the millimeter-wavefrequency band, TRP,TIS,EIRP,EIS, carrier convergence, throughput and otherhigh-end tests of the active terminal.