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Warmly celebrate VLG passed BSCI factory inspection

In April 2018, through the joint efforts of all the staff ofVLG, our company finally passed the BSCI certification. Customers can check thefactory information through the BSCI official website, DBID: 356432.


BSCI inspection means the BSCI (Business Social theCompliance Initiative), namely the Initiative abide by Social responsibility inthe Business organization global supplier of BSCI members of Social responsibilityaudit, mainly includes: abide by the law, freedom of association and collectivebargaining rights, ban discrimination, compensation, working hours, workplacesafety, banning the use of child labor, prohibition of forced labor,environment and safety issues. Currently, BSCI has attracted more than 180members from 11 countries, most of whom are European retailers and purchasers.They will actively push their suppliers around the world to accept BSCIinspection to improve their human rights situation.


In March 2003,the Foreign Trade Association FTA, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, formallyestablished the BSCI initiative for business Compliance with socialResponsibility organization, with the purpose of developing implementationmeasures and procedures for business compliance with social responsibilityprograms in Europe. BSCI has more than 180 members from 11 countries, most ofwhom are European retailers and purchasers. They actively push their suppliersaround the world to accept BSCI inspections to improve their human rights.

The passing of BSCI factory inspection indicates that our factorystrength has been highly recognized by the industry, which proves thecorrectness and effectiveness of our development strategy, and also means thatour company has gained greater competitive advantages in transnational tradecooperation.