What antenna were used on China Space Station?- Wifi & 5G

The successful launch of Shenzhou XIII spacecraft, and the astrounats entered the China Tiangong Space station, begin their 6 months Space exploration and scientific research missions.  This is the most watched story recently. 

This news catched many people's attention, they were surprised  by the fast development of China's space technology. And some peoples would found that the call picture from Tiangong Space station to Earth is very clear. How could realized this? What kinds of technology is used in the sky and earth communication? 

1st, it is profit from the advanced Wifi communication technology, which replaced the traditional wired head-mounted communication, and arranges multiple points in the cabin to ensure that the signal coverage has no dead Angle.  When astronauts talk with each other or with the ground in the cabin, they can move freely by wearing WiFi devices on their heads and are no longer bound by cables, which greatly improves their work efficiency.  

On the space station and the core module, there are more than 10 wired and wireless Internet cameras, wired and Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones and laptops can serve as Internet terminals .  These terminals connect the collected images and voice data to the onboard Ethernet switch via wired or wireless Wi-Fi, and transmit them to the ground via a relay link via a high-speed communication processor.  

2nd, In order to ensure the astronauts stay for a long time, and ensure the relay terminal in orbit for 15 years of service life.  Researchers have designed the relay terminal to be repairable, which is a major breakthrough compared to what was previously unrepairable in orbit.  In addition, the communication, measurement and control data from the relay terminal can be transmitted more quickly, and the core module of the space station can be sent to the ground at a rate equivalent to 5G communication.  


3rd, the core module of the space station is equipped with multi-channel high-definition cameras, which can not only allow the ground surveillance station to take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the Earth, but also help astronauts to realize two-way high-definition video calls and receive videos from the ground through the large instrument screen.  

From above, we would found that the Wifi Technology and 5G technology played an important role for the high-definition sky-earth call picture. And in these Wifi & 5G equipments, the high performance and stable signal antenna is also a very core part. Without the antenna, the signal can not be successfully transfered.

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