External Measuring Antenna
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Key Features


VLG’s external measuring antenna series have compact structure and fine workmanship. It is the preferred external antenna for all sorts of splittype of surveying and mapping equipment, which cover model in single frequencysingle system, single system dual frequency, dual system four frequency, triplesystem six Frequency, triple system seven frequency, full frequency and otherfrequency points model. It meets the requirement of GNSS measuring equipment inmultiple system compatibility and high precision measuring.

It is widely applied in geodetic surveying and mapping, Marinesurveying and mapping, geological deformation monitoring, the tiny displacementmonitoring, precision positioning control, mobile map, construction machineryand precision agriculture and other fields. At present, the products havepassed the NGS certification of the United States.

Technical features:

1. The antenna adopts multi-feedpoint design which realize the coincidence of phase center and geometric center,and minimize the influence on the measurement error.

2, The antenna gain is high, thedirection pattern beam is wide, which ensure the good signal reception for lowelevation satellite, and ensure the normal operation of satellite signalreceiving in the place with serious shelter.   

3, With anti-multipath chokeplate, reduce the influence of satellite signal multipath effect to themeasurement accuracy of the receiver.

4. Waterproof and UV proof cover,guarantees the antenna's long-term work at outdoor environment.