Choke Antenna Series
  • Product Name:Choke Antenna Series
  • CodeName:VLG-CORS series
  • Product Note:
Key Features

VLG's Chock Coil Antennas adopt advanced chock coil structure, including traditional 2D structure and brand new 3D structure, all equipped with anti-multipath chock plate, use waterproof & UV protection cover, with characteristics i.e. stable phase center, high position precision, good reception for low elevation satellite, and so on. All these antennas have passed USA NGS test.
Tech. Characteristics

1. Phase center precision meet sub-millimeter level, the phase center has high stability and good repeatability.

2. The chock design can best suppress the multipath effect from satellite signal.

3. The antenna has high gain at low elevation, with strong tracking capability for low elevation satellites, guarantees the number of satellite in the measurement system is well enough.

4. High low-noise-amplifier gain, can be match with cable in length over 100meters

5. Unique waterproof and dustproof design, to ensure that the core components are completely sealed, allow outdoor working for a long time.