UAV Antenna
  • Product Name:3 satellites 7 bands Helical UAV antenna
  • CodeName:VLG-GGB-R35Q8
  • Product Note:
Key Features

 Name:Triple satellite seven band four-armhelical UAV antenna


 Frequency:GPS L1/L2、BDSB1/B2/B3、GLONASS L1/L2

 Application:This antenna cover GPS L1/L2、BDSB1/B2/B3、GLONASS L1/L2 Triple satellite seven band four-arm helical active antenna,widelybe used in navigation scheduling, tracking monitoring, measurement and controland other fields. Especially suitable for UAV and many other applications, suchas aerial photography, traffic monitoring, remote telemetry, and it also can beused in a variety of handheld terminals, high-precision positioning modules,etc.


*The antenna adopts four-arm spiral structure, whichensures that the error between the phase center and the geometric center of theantenna is small and can effectively reduce the measurement error brought bythe antenna.

*The antenna gain is high, the pattern beam is wide, andthe receiving effect of low elevation signal is good.

*Antenna has small size and light weight, which issuitable for the use of equipment which has special requiring on the weight ofantenna, I.E. the UAV field. The antenna has low power consumption, which caneffectively guarantee the battery life of the equipment.

*The antenna is bendable, which can meet most of therequest on different posture installation.

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