Outdoor sucker antenna - 2G,3G,4G,5G,WIFI, Lora
  • Product Name:Outdoor sucker antenna-2G,3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, LOAR
  • CodeName:2G,3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, LOAR(Optional)
  • Product Note:
Key Features

1.470-510mHz LORA node antenna with cable 

Applications: LORA node, water meter, gas meter

Frequency Range: 470-510mHZ

V.S.W.R: <= 3.5

Gain: >= -8 dBi

Length: 148+/-3mm

2. 824-960/1710-2700 LTE sucker antenna

Applications: Logistic container, DTU (Data Transfer unit)

Frequency Range: 824-960/1710-2700 MHZ

V.S.W.R: <= 2.0

Gain: @ Each frequency point:  >=0dBi

          @ Everage of every frequency point>=2.0dBi (Exclude wire loss)

Length: 285+-5mm

3. 824-960/1710-2170MHz 2G/3G outdoor sucker antenna

Applications: Logistic cabinet, Gas meter and other outdoor equipment  

Frequency Range: 824-960 & 1710-2170MHz

V.S.W.R: <= 2.5/2.0

Gain: Low frequency: -5dBi

Length: 240mm

4. 806-960/1710-2700 4G external antenna

Applications: Router used with other 4G modules, Power concentrator, Intelligent logsitics cabinet

Frequency Range: 806-960/1710-2700 mhz

V.S.W.R: <= 2.0

Gain: 0dBi

Length: 300+-50mm

5. 2.4-2.5GHz 5DB sucker WIFI antenna

Applications:  Industrial router

Frquency Range: 2.4-2.5GHz

V.S.W.R: <= 2.5

Gain: 5.0 dBi

Length: 3000 +/- 3mm


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