Three band Aviation antenna
  • Product Name:GPS BD1 BD2 Aviation antenna
  • CodeName:VLG-GAB-R38S3
  • Product Note:
Key Features

Product Name: Specifications for Tri-band Aerial Antenna

Product model: VLG-GAB-R38S3

Applicable frequency band: GPS L1, BDS B2, BD1S

Application: This antenna is a three-frequency antenna covering GPS L1, Beidou 2 B2 and Beidou 1  receivers. It is widely used in navigation scheduling, tracking monitoring, measurement and control as well as military fields.Especially suitable for high-speed moving systems and fields, such as aviation, etc.

Product Description:

1. The antenna part adopts the laminated design to realize the combination of multi-system and multi-frequency points, and the size is small and the appearance is exquisite.

2, the antenna gain is high, the direction diagram beam width, the low elevation signal receiving effect is good, to ensure that in some more serious occlusion occasions can still receive the star normally

3, the low noise amplifier adopts the pre-high suppression filter scheme, which can effectively suppress the Beidou generation transmission signal, avoid causing amplifier saturation, and improve the reliability of the system.

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