Manufacturing technique Reform

    Our company antenna manufacturing technique has reformed from traditional shrapnel manufacturing through transition to a flexible circuit board manufacturing process, up to the most typical LDS process as follow:

    LDS is the abbreviation of Laser Direct Structuring, refers to, the laser directly transfer circuit pattern to the surface of molding plastic parts using three-dimensional three surfaces of the workpiece forming circuit interconnection structure.

    LDS technology provide flexible and free three dimension design for antenna products, can completely make use of all three-dimension space and use random surface to design.

    LDS technology can be used for laser direct structuring after injection molding of plastic, scanning the laser beam according to CAD data, directly transfer circuit pattern to the surface of molding plastic parts, then get products after metalizing. Production process is simplified to injection molding, spray painting, laser, electroplating. This makes the delivery time shorter, more convenient and flexible, cost is lower.

    The features of LDS technology: 3D structure, flexible design, simplified process, short production time.

    LDS technology products are wildly used in communications, automotive electronics, computer, electrical equipments, medical apparatus and its related electrical equipments.

     With the large shell plant Fuchang and Fanyou Technology, VLG set up the LDS department, that improves the LDS process chain, which is the only one one - stop service LDS enterprises currently.

    We has strong strength in plastic injection and oil spraying, supporting domestic first-class customers: ZTE, Huawei.

    We has superiority in laser radium carving equipment and process manufacturing capability, and support services to customers in WNC HTC, NOKIA, Coolpad etc.


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