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2.4/5.8g WIFI FPC antenna

Main specifications/performance:
Frequency :2400MHz-2500MHz/5150MHz-5850MHz
VSWR:≤1.7 Max
Impedance:  50Ω
Efficiency: ≥65%
Dimension :   41.62mm(L)×12.12mm(W) 
Cable length and spec: 100mm (IPEX+φ1.13,Customizable)

Product Details

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Product introduction

 The dual band WIFI built-in antenna has become a key technology for improving wireless connection quality through its flexible frequency band support, efficient design, and wide applicability, suitable for various complex network application scenarios

Suitable for: Smart home, smart office, public services, gaming and streaming, smart IoT, various mobile terminal communications, etc

Functional characteristics





1. Dual band WIFI,

Frequency Range:2400MHz-2500MHz/5150MHz-5850MHz


2.Small size, easy to install:  41.62×12.12mm,

3M double-sided adhesive installation

specification parameter

Electrical/mechanical parameters:
Frequency Range:2400MHz-2500MHz/5150MHz-5850MHz
Input Impendence:  50Ω
VSWR: ≤1.7 Max
Efficiency: ≥65%
Gain: 6.5dBi
Polarization: linear polarization/vertical
Radiation pattern: omnidirectional C
Antenna Size:41.62×12.12mm
Cable Type & Length: 100mm (φ1.13,Customizable)
Connect Type: IPEX(Customizable)
Environmental protection: ROHS


Application scenarios


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