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IOT Antenna Solution

Starting its business with mobile phone antenna in 2005, VLG has been digging into the antenna industries for over 19 years. We were the major antenna supplier of major brands' mobile phones in the market, like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Nokia, Softbank, AT&T, and etc.

With the Internet of Things becoming the main trend of the world's development, VLG took action immediately, and invested in equipment, technology and R&D of the IOT antennas. Now, the IOT antenna business has been one of the biggest businesses of VLG. ZTE, HIKVISON, DAHUA, Quectel, Comba,VK find their way to cooperate with us.

Now, VLG can provide the R&D, production, and sales of various IOT Antenna, i.e.

· 5G antenna, 4G/LTE antenna,3G antenna, 2G/ISM antenna

· Wifi antenna,  Bluetooth antenna

· LoRa antenna, NB-IOT antenna, Zigbeeantenna

· RFID antenna

· NFC antenna

· TV antenna ...

VLG's IOT Antenna R&D Team can always provide the most suitable external and internal Antenna solutions according to the requirements of clients. Now, VLG's antennas are widely used in industries of

- Smart City (Meters, Public facilities)

- Smart Home (Smart home appliances, Routers)

- Smart Mobility (Bike, E-bike, RSU)

- Industry IOT

- Smart healthcare (Medical appliance, Healthcare appliance)

- Smart Security (CCTV, Smart Entry system...)

- Smart Agricultural