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Vehicle Antenna Solution

Get the latest Pre-market & After-market vehicle antenna from VLG.

VLG's vehicle antenna business is growing rapidly in these few years.

Base the advanced testing equipment, experienced R&D team, IATF 16949 certified & 6s management factory, VLG gained lots of vehicle factories' trust and built up strong cooperation. Currently, VLG has developed various types of car antenna to meet the needs of the Pre-market and after-market.

Now, VLG has various single and combination antennas, which cover the frequency of 4G/5G, GPS/GNSS, Wifi/BT, UWB, C-V2X, AM/FM, DAB, SDARS, NFC, and etc. Clients can easily get the required antenna from VLG.

VLG actively takes care of the development of the automotive industry, timely grasps the market demand, boldly explores new products, researches new technologies, and developed a series of new antennas ahead of its peers.

With the fast-grow of EV Car industrial, and smart mobility needs from the market. It is the era of smart car, to support its numerous communication and entertainment features, various antennas are required. VLG has a professional Car antenna engineering tean built up by experienced RF engineers, Structure engineers, DQE engineers and Project managers to guarantee each project can be achieved on time and in high quality.

Right now, VLG has a fully complete car antenna product line, which includes

· Combination T-box antenna that supports up to 8 antennas in one box.

· Combination Sharkfin antennas

· Glass antenna (film Antenna)

· FPC antenna

· Smart Car Key Antenna

· Satellite Call, Messaging, Positioning Antenna

Welcome to contact VLG, find you dream car antenna.