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Vehicle Smart Antenna: 5G Transparent Film Antenna

Picture yourself cruising down a highway in a futuristic car. As you enjoy your ride through the traffic, the thing that is more remarkable is what you can’t see! Yes, the transparent antenna seamlessly integrated in your vehicle’s windows ensuring miraculous connectivity without comprising your car aesthetics!

But before we further dive in the benefits and the revolution that transparent antennas promise, we will briefly discuss: What are transparent antennas?

Transparent antennas are antennas that are designed to be transparent or nearly transparent to visible light while still being able to transmit and receive Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Such antennas can be used on windows, screens and even car sunroofs because they won’t make a compromise on the looks of your vehicle. 

The various applications of transparent antennas include transportation vehicles, smart meters, smart buildings, wearable devices, medical devices and digital signage.


Here is an image to show how it looks on a passenger window of a vehicle. 

Our 5G transparent film antenna is a game-changer with its unreal thickness of glass dual layer as 2.2mm. The size of the antenna is 120 x 80 mm. This optimized size helps it to achieve the multifaceted benefits. It offers a compelling combination of aesthetic appeal, design flexibility, signal performance and durability making it highly suitable for a wider range of applications than older antennas.

Transparent vehicle antenna will be a solution to all the problems associate with the conventional external antennas. The foremost is the aesthetic integration. With the advancement in every field, the vehicles have become sleeker and thus the conventional antenna would be off-putting when it is integrated in such vehicle. While our antenna will seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of your car may it be the body of the car or its windows or roof.


The external antenna can create an aerodynamic drag which reduces vehicle performance at high speed while this antenna can minimize the aerodynamic drag and improve vehicle performance. Also, transparent antennas as the name suggests are less susceptible to damage and theft.

Another problem that comes with external antennas is signal interference due to the metallic elements in the vehicle’s body. It then leads to signal degradation or loss. This problem can also be addressed using the transparent vehicle antenna. The transparent antenna is made up of non-metallic conductive material thus ensuring better signal reception. Isn’t that what antennas are meant for?


Moreover, vehicles require antenna for multiple communication systems like AM/FM Radio, Satellite communication, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. Integrating multiple antennas to fulfil all the communication problems faces space constraints and an aesthetic appeal challenge. While our antenna serves in multiple frequency ranges: 700-960 MHz, 1452-2690 MHz and 3300-5000MHz. The efficiency differs with the frequency ranges but it almost above 50% for all the three frequency ranges.

Some of more features of our transparent vehicle antenna are enlisted in the tables below.


Overall, transparent antennas are a stylish and a functional solution to all the constraints that come with the conventional external antennas. Thus it enhances both the appearance and performance of vehicles.

Post time:2024-05-28

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