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  • VLG antenna technology shines at the International Auto Parts Exhibition in Frankfurt, Vietnam 2024

    VLG shines at the International Auto Parts Exhibition in Frankfurt, Vietnam 2024 In the field of antenna technology, VLG has always been known for its excellent performance and innovation. Recently, VLG once again demonstrated its presence as an industry leader at Automechanika Vietnam 2024, bringing cutting-edge antenna technology solutions to the automotive parts industry. The exhi
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  • Principle of signal interference shield in college entrance examination

    - The built-in antenna is designed to be more compact and easy to carry and hide, reducing installation complexity and making it more suitable for rapid deployment. The internal antenna design helps reduce the appearance size of the device, making it more beautiful, and avoiding the safety risks that an external antenna can bring, such as miscontact or damage.
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  • VLG setup strategic coop. with Pakistan head enterprises

    On June 5, 2024, VLG signed an automotive antenna strategic cooperation agreement with Pakistan auto parts head enterprises at the Pakistan China Business Conference.
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  • Vehicle Smart Antenna: 5G Transparent Film Antenna

    Transparent antennas are antennas that are designed to be transparent or nearly transparent to visible light while still being able to transmit and receive Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Such antennas can be used on windows, screens and even car sunroofs because they won’t make a compromise on the looks of your vehicle. The various applications of transparent antennas include transportation veh
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  • VLG-GM-AGDR8639/Dual-band GNSS+INS product technology

    CE-GM-AGDR8639 is a G-MOUSE product composed of MCU main control, MTK series dual-frequency multi-mode high-precision GNSS chip, six-axis gyroscope inertial system and dual-frequency antenna.
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