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GNSS Antenna Solution

With the continuous progress of science and technology, human activities in space are becoming more and more active, and the application of GNSS (Global Satellite navigation System) has become very mature. In addition to realizing high-precision positioning, navigation and time synchronization, people can also realize SMS and telephone communication through satellites in oceans, mountains, forests, wild areas and uninhabited areas without ground signal coverage. With more and more low-orbit satellites launched into low-Earth orbit, satellite Internet is developing at a high speed, and the era of space-earth integration has arrived.

VLG's satellite antenna team has been actively concerned about the development of the satellite antenna field, pioneering innovation, has developed a series of GNSS standard antennas with high positioning accuracy and stable communication signals. At the same time, actively cooperate with customers, according to the needs of different products, overcome difficulties, and provide effective satellite positioning/communication antenna solutions for many customers.

VLG has extensive experience in the development and production of active/passive single GPS antennas, L1+L5 GNSS antennas, L1+L2 GNSS antennas, full-band GNSS antennas, S-band antennas, L-band antennas, Tiantong antennas, Iridium antennas, QZSS antennas.

VLG is also actively paying attention to the field of low-orbit satellites, and the team is also fully engaged in the research and development of low-orbit satellites (KA, Ku-band) antennas, welcome to come to consult.