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NFC antenna for car keyless entry system

Model Number	CAR KEY SERIES-#9733
Brand Name	VLG/Neutral/OEM
origin	China
Small Orders	Accepted
Key Specifications/ Special Features:
Auto keyless entry system NFC antenna Car key antenna

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Car NFC Antenna

Product Overview

This is a car with NFC antenna, in order to achieve keyless entry function, widely used built-in NFC, Bluetooth antenna, users can put the key in the pocket or bag, and then approach the car, the car will automatically unlock.

Key Features





High performance 


Compact and easy to installCoaxial cables transmit signalsInduction unlock precision
Double-sided microstrip NFC antenna, superior performance, accurate induction unlock.Small size, flexible installation, paste in the car outside the rearview mirror inside, B-pillar inside.The internal coaxial cable is used to transmit the differential signal to the host to improve the anti-interference ability of the antenna.Internal use of double-sided magnetic material, and built-in filter, differential signal coaxial transmission, low delay and delay difference, high near-end crosstalk immunity.


Resonant Frequency13.56MHz
V.S.W.R< 2.0 

Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Protection gradeIP52
Connector pulling force≥80N


This antenna can be widely used in the vehicle’s pre & after market.

With this solution, user can have the key in one of their pockets or in a bag, and walk close to the car, then the car can auto unlock.


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