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12dBi RFID antenna (902-928/866mhz)

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
12dBi 902-928/866mhz RFID antenna Linear polarization

Frequency   902-928(866±5)MHz

Gain    12dBi

VSWR    ≤1.3

Dimension    450*450*40mm

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This high-gain (12 dBi) square-shaped RFID antenna offers superior focus for long-range UHF RFID tag reading in the 902-928 MHz frequency range. Its moderate beamwidth (Hor: 70° Ver: 38°) directs a powerful signal for applications that require good range without extreme precision, such as warehouse management, access control systems, and perimeter security. The compact and weatherproof design (IP65) makes it ideal for various outdoor environments

Key Features.


Extended Reading Distance: 

Packing a powerful 12 dBi gain, this antenna transmits a strong, focused signal, enabling reliable tag reads over extended distances. This is crucial for applications where tags need to be read from a distance, such as in large warehouses or at access control points.

Moderate Beamwidth: 

The antenna's beamwidth of 70 degrees horizontally and 38 degrees vertically provides a good balance between focusing the signal and covering a usable area. This makes it suitable for applications where precise tag location isn't critical but you still want to capture tags within a designated zone.

Linear Polarization: 

The antenna utilizes linear polarization, which offers efficient signal transmission when tags are consistently oriented in a specific direction. While this may require some planning for tag placement, it can be very effective in controlled environments.

Rugged Construction:

Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the antenna features an IP65 waterproof rating. This protects it from dust, rain, and moderate weather elements, ensuring reliable operation.



902-928 MHz


12 dBi

Beam Width

Hor: 70° Ver: 38°




≤ 1.3

F/B Ratio

≥ 20 dB



Lightning Protection

DC Ground


N-Female/Male, TNC


450 x 450 x 40 mm
Radome Material ABS
Radome Color White
Operating Temperature20°C to 60°C
Waterproof RateIP65


This high-gain square antenna excels outdoors, reading UHF tags from long distances. It optimizes warehouse management, access control, perimeter security, and asset tracking applications


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