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Handheld RTK GNSS receiver for Geo-survey

Tracking Frequency	:Full bands of GNSS
Data Update freq.:   20Hz
RTK Accuracy:             Flat:0.8 cm + 1 ppm 
                                     Height:1.5 cm + 1 ppm
Time Accuracy:	   10ns
Rate Accuracy:	   0.03m/s
1st positioning time:  Cold start:< 30s
Initialization time:	   < 5s (Typical)
Initialization reliability:>99.9%
Data format:	   NMEA 0183, Unicore

Product Details

Product Tags

RTK Handheld meter for positioning, Land survey, topographic survey

Product Overview

This is a handheld RTK positioning terminal with built-in 4G and CORS services, using high-precision RTK module, supporting GPS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS and other satellite navigation system signal reception, RTK fixed solution status Bit accuracy can reach 1-2 cm, suitable for accurate measurement occasions. The 660RTK also has sensors such as a barometric thermometer, a three-axis electronic compass and a three-axis accelerometer.

The 660RTK is optimized for industry applications, with features such as finding points, sharing AB points, topographic survey, grid tree planting, dot measuring area, surround area, straight curve length, etc.

Major applications in Agriculture





Find out water pile

Sharing AB pointLand survey  Topographic survey

Identify the water piles and collect the location of each pile before harvesting or plowing, then find the correct location to install the pile before planting.

Share the AB point, and share the collected AB point data with the tractor navigator to avoid the tractor running on the ground for nothing.

Plot measurement, enclosing area, dot area, perimeter, curve length, straight line length.  Topographic survey, minimum height, maximum height, average height, the amount of earthwork to make the plane, etc.


GNSS Parameters 
Tracking FrequencyBDS: B1I B2I   B3I B1C B2a B2b ; GPS: L1 C/A L1C L2P (Y) L2C L5
    GLONASS: L1 L2 ; Galileo: E1 E5a E5b E6 ; QZSS: L1 L2 L5 L6
Data Update frequency20Hz
RTK AccuracyFlat accuracy :0.8 cm + 1 ppm ; Height accuracy :   1.5 cm + 1 ppm
Time Accuracy10ns
Rate Accuracy0.03m/s
First positioning timeCold start:< 30s
Initialization time< 5s   (Typical)
Initialization reliability>99.9%
Data formatNMEA 0183,   Unicore
Mechanical Spec.
Screen size3.2 inch 
Screen resolution240*320 
Case materialABS
Battery capacity6000mAh Li-ion   battery
SensorElectronic   compass, accelerometer, barometer, thermometer
Performance Spec.
Battery life15H
Difference methodNTRIP
SD cardTF card, Max   128G,FAT32 FILE SYSTEM
BluetoothSupport   Bluetooth 5.0, Support SPP, BLE, HID, etc profile
Network communication4G/WIFI
Operation systemMTK
Language CN/EN/Korean
Working temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
Water Proof/Dust proofThe equipment   can completely prevent dust from entering; Low pressure injection at any   Angle of the equipment has no effect

Other Applications

Outdoor Adventure/Outdoor exploration.

Get high precision position through RTK difference, allow user to find the way back by follow the Track, waypoint, and course when lose.


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