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4G WIFI GPS Combination Antenna Combo Antenna

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
4G WIFI GPS 4-in-1 Combination Antenna Combo Antenna

4G Main: 690-960/1710-2690
4G DiV:1710-2690
BT/WIFI: 2400-2500/5150-5850 GNSS: 1561/1575.42
Application :automotive, conventional communications, smart home, etc

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Product Overview

1. The combined vehicle antenna adopts multi-feed points and a completely symmetrical structure, which reduces the error of the antenna when measuring. 

    The antenna has the characteristics of high gain, directional beamwidth, low elevation signal reception, etc., to ensure that the satellite signal can be received

    Usually in a severely closed environment. In the low noise amplification part, the pre-filtering scheme is adopted to effectively suppress out-of-band 

    interference and improve system reliability.

2. The combined vehicle antenna covers GPS L1, BDS second-generation B1/, GLONASS L1, 4G,WIFI communication, meets the on-board T-BOX host equipment,

    has the characteristics of multi-system compatibility and high-precision measurement, and is widely used in mapping, ocean survey, geological deformation monitoring and other fields.

Key Features





High performance 

amplifiers & filters

Anti-interferenceMulti-band CoverageGood Isolation
This combination antenna has built-in amplifiers and filters to enhance the received signal and reduce noise interferences.To ensure stable operation in complex environments, this antenna is specially designed to reduce interference from other wireless devices.The antenna usually supports 4G&WIFI network connection communication, while providing GNSS high-precision navigation functions.The 4G+WIFI+GNSS combination antenna has a good isolation between antennas, ensuring that the signals between the antennas do not leak and do not interfere with each other, improving the overall performance of the antenna and reducing the influence of the antenna on the measurement error during measurement.


Function4G Antenna Part (Main)4G Antenna Part (Div)WIFI Antenna Part GNSS
Frequency Range690~960/1710~2690MHz690~960/1710~2690MHz2400~2500/5150~5850MHzGPS L1、BDS B1
Low noise amplifier characteristics
Working voltage

Working current

Output gain

Output impedance

Output standing wave ratio

Noise factor


Environmental Requirements

(1) Operating temperature

 -40℃ ~ +85℃

(2) Storage temperature

-40℃ ~ +90℃

(3) Protection grade IP52 (after vehicle assembl  y)


Suitable for all kinds of models (SUV/ car).

Front and rear loading of passenger cars and engineering vehicles, data transmission, 4G communication, navigation and positioning, transmission, communication, navigation and positioning.

Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Factory.

4G GPS automotive antenna manufacturers supplier

4G GPS automotive antenna manufacturers supplier

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