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4G application in-built 4G FPC antenna

Main specifications/performance:
Frequency :824-960/1710-2690MHz
Gain:-2.34 ~ 5.49 dBi
Impedance:  50Ω
Polarization type: linear
Dimension :   45.70mm(L)×22.55mm(W)

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Product introduction

This built-in 4G antenna has the characteristics of small size, excellent performance, and high integration, making it an ideal choice for wireless connectivity solutions VLG can customize the size, shape, and position of antennas according to different device requirements to achieve optimal signal reception and meet diverse product design requirements

Suitable for: mobile phones, computers, security monitoring, drones, unmanned vending, shared devices, wearable devices, smart healthcare, agricultural technology, mobile POS machines and payment terminals, etc

Functional characteristics





1. High efficiency and low loss characteristics, high flexibility and customization, can meet the compatibility of all networks


2.Small size, easy to install:  45.70×22.55mm,

3M double-sided adhesive installation

specification parameter

Electrical/mechanical parameters:
Frequency Range:824-960/1710-2690MHz
VSWR: <6
Input Impendence:  50Ω
Gain: -2.34 ~ 5.49 dBi
Polarization: linear polarization
Working Temperature:-30 °C to +70°C
Antenna Size:45.70×22.55mm
Radiation direction: omnidirectional
Efficiency:23.37 ~ 71.41 %
Environmental protection: ROHS


   Application scenarios


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