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8dBi 902-928/866mhz RFID antenna for logistic management

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
8dBi 902-928/866mhz RFID antenna for logistic management

Frequency   902-928(866±5)MHz

Gain    8dBi

VSWR    ≤1.3

Dimension    260*260*30mm

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The 8dBi RFID Directional Panel Antenna excels in focused tag reading (902-928 MHz). Its 8dBi gain and narrow 80° x 70° beam ensure strong, targeted signals for applications like warehouse management, access control, and asset tracking. The compact, weatherproof design (IP65) makes it ideal for diverse environments.

   Key Features


Exceptional Signal Focus: 

This high-gain (8 dBi) directional antenna offers superior focus for RFID tag reading. Unlike omnidirectional antennas, it directs a powerful signal in a specific zone (80° x 70°), enhancing accuracy and reliability in applications like access control or asset tracking within warehouses and storage facilities

Efficient Signal Transmission

This high-gain (8 dBi) directional antenna offers superior focus for RFID tag reading. Its efficient signal transmission ensures strong readings across the targeted zone, ideal for access control or asset tracking in warehouses.

Durable Design for Diverse Environments: 

This durable antenna (IP65) thrives in any environment, indoors or outdoors. Its compact size (190x190x25mm) ensures easy installation for diverse applications

Improved Tag Readability:

This antenna tackles challenges of tag orientation with circular polarization. Unlike standard antennas, it guarantees reliable tag reading regardless of tag position, ideal for tracking moving objects or situations with imprecise tag placement.


Frequency Range    

902-928 MHZ
Gain                       8 dBi
Beamwidth (Horizontal) 80°
Beamwidth (Vertical)        70°
Polarization          Circular
VSWR                   1.4
Impedance            50Ω
Maximum Powe   100W
Connector             N-Female
Dimensions           190 x 190 x 25 mm
Net Weight           0.4 kg
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Waterproof Rate     IP65
Radome Material    ABS
Pole Diameter                     Φ30-50 mm

Applications: This high-gain directional antenna excels in focused RFID tag reading, making it ideal for various applications beyond access control and warehouses. It can be used for livestock management, retail loss prevention, library management, toll booth automation, laundry management, and even manufacturing process control


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