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AM/FM(+GPS) Sharkfin Antenna

AM/FM(+GPS) Sharkfin Antenna

Frequency: AM 520KHz~1710KHz、FM 87MHz~108MHz 
Voltage: 9V∽16V
Current: <60mA@12V 
LNA Gain FM:11±3dB; AM: 5±3dB 
Noise Figure ≤4.0dB 
V.S.W.R < 2.0 @FM 
Impedance 50±3Ω 
size: 124*73*82mm
Protection Level IP67
Application: Various Car, Caravan, Bus, and etc

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AM/FM(+GPS) Sharkfin Antenna

Product Overview

This is a AM/FM sharkin antenna reserve space also for a GNSS antenna, customer can choose single AM/FM antenna, GPS antenna or AM/FM+GPS 2-in-1 antenna according to the function of car host devices. This antenna can be supply to various Car, Bus and caravans.

Key Features




Mounting MethodLower wind resistanceCustomize
Hole drilling on car roof or fender.Not like the traditional whip antenna, user can go through the car wash without removing it. And the sharkfin share design provides not only the good looking, but also the help of lower the wind resistance of the vehicle.With same casing, other frequency i.e. 4G/5G, wifi, V2X, and etc are also customizable. Welcome to contact VLG for more details.


Frequency RangeAM 520-1710KHz, FM 87.5-108MHz1559-1577MHz
V.S.W.R< 2.0 @FM≤2.0:1
Low noise amplifier characteristics
Working voltage9V∽16V,Nominal Voltage:12V3V∽5V
Working current<60mA@12V10±3mA@3.3V
Output gainFM:11±3dB; AM: 5±3dB28±3dB
Output impedance50±3Ω50±3Ω
Output standing wave ratio< 2.0 @FM≤2.0:1
Noise factor≤4.0dB≤2dB

Environmental Requirements

(1) Operating temperature

 -40℃ ~ +90℃

(2) Storage temperature

-40℃ ~ +105℃

(3) Protection grade IP67 (after vehicle assembl  y)


Various Car, Caravan, Enginering Vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, and ect.


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