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Beidou: Leading smart development and creating a better life in the future

Beidou Satellite Navigation System is a global satellite navigation system independently developed by China. Since the Beidou-3 global system was fully completed and launched, its functions and service capabilities have been significantly improved, providing high-precision and highly reliable positioning, navigation, and Services such as timing and short message communication, as the Beidou system continues to empower all walks of life, have also given strong vitality to the development of my country's digital economy.

1. Transportation:

   ●Vehicle dynamic monitoring: Real-time tracking and dispatch management of vehicles are realized through Beidou high-precision positioning.

   ●Navigation and aviation navigation: Support ship navigation safety, route planning, aircraft take-off and landing navigation, etc.

   ●Lane-level navigation: Provide navigation services down to the lane level to improve urban traffic efficiency and driving safety.


2. Public safety:

   ●Emergency rescue: Using the Beidou short message communication function, distress signals and location information can be sent in places without terrestrial communication network coverage.

   ●Public security law enforcement: used for police deployment, tracking suspected targets, emergency command, etc.

3. Disaster relief and mitigation:

   ●Natural disaster monitoring and early warning: Beidou system can assist in monitoring geological disasters such as landslides and earthquakes, and deliver disaster information quickly and accurately.

   ●Rescue operation guidance: After a disaster occurs, accurate location information is provided to assist in the efficient conduct of search and rescue work.

4. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery:

   ●Precision agriculture: used in agricultural machinery automatic driving, drone plant protection, farmland irrigation automation and other fields to improve agricultural production efficiency and resource utilization.

   ●Forest fire prevention: Help prevent and fight forest fires by monitoring the location of fire points in real time.

5. Power system:

   ●Power grid operation and maintenance management: Beidou system is used for inspection of power equipment, maintenance of transmission lines, and unattended substations to ensure the stable operation of the power system.

6. Water conservancy industry:

   ●Hydrological monitoring: Real-time monitoring of river water levels, reservoir water volumes, etc. to support flood control and drought relief decisions.

   ●Water conservancy project management: including water conservancy project facility positioning, construction measurement during the construction process, etc.

7. Communication infrastructure:

   ●Satellite enhancement system integration: integrated and complementary with the ground communication network to provide more stable communication services.


8. Urban governance:

   ●Refined urban management: such as smart transportation, smart parking, smart city infrastructure layout optimization, etc.

The Beidou system has fully empowered all walks of life, achieved in-depth application and large-scale development in many fields, and effectively promoted the modernization process and technological progress in various fields of social economy. VLG has achieved high-precision positioning, meter-level positioning, and sub-meter level positioning. With years of experience in positioning, millimeter-level high-precision positioning, high-precision positioning + communications, GNSS active and passive, timing, aviation, surveying and mapping, tracking and monitoring, VLG will continue to deepen the integration of Beidou, the Internet, and the Internet of Things, and strengthen technology Innovation and R&D, technological innovation is an important driving force for the sustainable development of VLG. Therefore, the company will continue to increase investment in technology R&D and innovation, and continuously improve the technical level and market competitiveness of its products.

Post time:2024-02-26

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