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Beidou third generation RD+ high-precision positioning antenna

Beidou third generation RD+ high-precision positioning antenna
Frequency  Range(MHz):
Beidou launch:L(1615.68±4.08MHz)
Beidou reception:S(2491.75±4.08MHz)
location:BDS B1、GPS L1
Polarization :
Beidou launch left circular polarization(L)
Beidou reception right-handed circular polarization(R) 
B1/L1 right-hand Circular polarization (R)
AntennaGain (dBi):Vertex gain ≥2.0dBi
Axis ratio (dB):≤3.0
Input Impedance (Ω): 50
Application :deep sea, shipborne, li

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 This antenna is an all-in-one antenna covering the third generation of Beidou RD+ high-precision positioning, and is designed to meet the high-precision positioning needs of Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS) and global positioning System (GPS). This antenna is compatible with BDS B1 and GPS L1 bands, with excellent signal reception and transmission performance, suitable for a variety of complex environments. Widely used in deep sea, shipborne, lifesaving and other fields.


  Key Features





 Integration to achieve the third generation of Beidou RD+ high-precision positioning:
the antenna part adopts the four-arm spiral antenna design, and the size is small and the appearance is beautiful.

 Strong anti-interference ability:
circular polarization design, effective resistance to multi-path effects and interference signals, improve signal reception quality.

RTK High-precision positioning:
Supports BDS B1 and GPS L1 bands to provide high-precision and high-reliability positioning services.  

The gain is high, the pattern beam is wide, and the reception effect of low elevation signal is good:
ensuring that the star can still be received and communication can be normal in some occasions with more serious occlusion.



Electrical Specification: 
Frequency  Range(MHz)      Beidou launch:L(1615.68±4.08MHz)
Beidou reception:S(2491.75±4.08MHz)
location:BDS B1、GPS L1


Beidou launch left circular polarization(L)
Beidou reception right-handed circular polarization(R) 
B1/L1 right-hand Circular polarization (R)
AntennaGain (dBi) Vertex gain ≥2.0dBi
Axis ratio (dB) ≤3.0
VSWR           ≤2.0
Input Impedance (Ω) : 50Ω
Environment : 
Relative Humidity                     0.95%
Operating Temperature (℃)    -40~+85
Store Temperature(℃)-40~+85


Suitable for passenger cars, engineering vehicles, front and rear installation, data transmission, 4G calls, navigation and positioning, etc.


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