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WiFi fiberglass antenna

  Key Specifications/ Special Features:
OEM/ODM WiFi LoRa LTE 5G V2X GPS omni fiberglass antenna with N-female N-K connector 

Example- 2.4G 6dbi model

Gain              6.0±1 dBi

Frequency    2400-2500Mhz

Impedance    50Ω

VSWR            ≤2

Beamwidth    360°

Connector    N-K/N-J optional

Structure        Fiberglass

Length           350±5mm

Diameter       25mm (Tube)

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The application range of WiFi fiberglass antennas is very wide. In outdoor environments, it can resist the erosion of harsh weather such as strong winds, rain, snow, hail, etc., ensuring stable wireless signal transmission. Whether it's high-rise buildings in cities, remote mountainous areas, or ocean platforms, WiFi fiberglass antennas can provide reliable network coverage to meet communication needs in various complex environments.


 Key Features




            Improving signal quality            Enhanced signal coverage                 Aesthetic appearance
enhancing signal strength and stability, reducing signal attenuation and interference, making data transmission more reliable.

 It can effectively expand the coverage range of wireless networks, allowing signals to reach farther distances and more corners.

Compared to some other antennas, the design is relatively more regular and has certain advantages in appearance.


Frequency Range2400-2500MHz2400-2500MHz2400-2500MHz5150-5850MHz5150-5850MHz2400-2500/5150-5850MHz
Gain2dBi4±1dBi6.0±1 dBi4±1dBi5.0±1 dBi4.0dBi /6.0dBi
Max input power50W50W50W100W100W100W
Connector typeN-K/JN-K/JN-K/JN-K/JN-K/JN-K/J
Radome materialFiberglassFiberglassFiberglassFiberglassFiberglassFiberglass



 Application area 


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