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Outdoor omni 4g antenna external

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
Outdoor omni 4g antenna external 

Frequency: BAND-5/8,   BAND1/3/38/39/40/41
Brand	VLG

VSWR   ≤2.0
Gain: >0.5dBi / > 1.5dBi
Max. Efficiency: >37%/>40%
Connector:SMA-J or Customized

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Outdoor omni 4g antenna external 

Product Overview

Outdoor omni 4g antenna external supplier

Outdoor omni 4g antenna external 

This outdoor 4G antenna covers 4G  BAND-5/8, BAND1/3/38/39/40/41

It has compact size, and nice appearance, which is widely be used on Vending Machines, Sharing charging pile, vehicles and other smart city & home applications need to have 4G signal.

Frequency of this antenna is customizable, we can offer 4G+GPS+BT/WIFI or other combination frequency design,  please contact with Mayxu@vlg.com.cn.

OEM/ODM are availiable for this antenna. We have an over 100-engineer team is ready to provide support.

Key Features





Compact Size

Easy InstallationHigh integrationWide applicability
This antenna has compact size, which can well save the installation space, and make the installation more easily.This screw mount omnidirectional antenna is easy to install. This 3-in-1 combination antenna is specially desing for application that require 4G, blue-tooth/wifi connection & GPS positioning function in one devices.For now, our clients have used this antenna on Vending Machines, Sharing charging pile, vehicles. It can be widely be used on different smart city applications.


4G AntennaWifi/BT AntennaGPS Antenna
(1) Frequency range: 

820~960, 1710~2690 Mhz


2400-2500 Mhz1559-1585 Mhz
(2) V.S.W.R: <3.0<2.5<2.0
(3) Impedance: 50Ω


(4) Gain:< 4.4dBi<-2.7dBi<0.3dBi
(5) Polarization: LinearLinearVertical
(6) Efficiency (Max)41%

Mechanical Specifications

(1) Size(mm)


(2) Connector TypeSMA (Customize)

(3) Radome ColorBlack

(4) Mounting Type

Stud installation

Environmental Requirements

(1) Operating temperature

 -30℃ ~ +65℃

(2)  Storage Temperature


Outdoor omni 4g antenna external supplier

Antenna VSWR

Frequency(Mhz)       VSWR         Frequency(Mhz)       VSWR

820                           1.5226             2300                     1.7432
960                           2.6441             2450                     1.8172
1710                         2.5099             2570                     2.2096
1990                         1.6437             2690                     2.3916
2170                         1.1781

Outdoor omni 4g antenna external supplier

Installation: Screw mounted 

Cable RG175/Black/50cm (Cable length customizable)

OEM/ODM: Yes. 


  • Charigng Pile, Vending Machine, ATM machine, Selfservice all-in-one machine, smart parcel locker, various smart cabinet solution, and et1716539887237010.jpg

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