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RSU antenna GPS 28dB

RSU antenna GPS 28dB (Y2000)
Frequency range: GPS LI &BDS B1
Passive gain: 2.0dB
LAN gain :28±3dB
Standing wave: ≤3
Connector: N-J/N-K
Size: φ42mm×270mm(H)
Voltage: 3-5V
Application:Highway toll management,Urban road management,Management of parking lot,Vehicle networking application

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This timing antenna has specially compact size, covered GPS & Beidou Satellite band, it has  Beautiful appearance, good water resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, the antenna can reliablely and continuously working for a long time, without influence by the outer environment.It plays an important role in intelligent transportation system and electronic toll collection system, providing a convenient and efficient solution for modern traffic management.



 Key Features

                                      1715414603411686.png                  image.png
1.High gain, precise timing:
LNA:28DB, strong anti-signal interference
Small size, strong, waterproof:
Able to withstand harsh weather conditions and long-term use
Strong compatibility:

Able to communicate with a variety of on-board units (OBUs)


Network gateway GPS antenna 28dBi supplier

Specification- Type 1

Frequency Range(MHz)        GPS LI &BDS B1
(1575.42 GHz  \1561.098MHz)
MHzPolarization        RHCP
Gain  (dBi)                                             Elevation 90°≥2 
LNA Gain(dB)                                     28±3
Axial Ratio(dB)                                    Elevation 90°≤5
Noise Figure                                         ≤2.0dB
V.S.W.R                                                 <2.5
Impedance(Ω)                                     50
voltage                                    3V~5V
Operating current(mA)                  <20
Dimensions (mm)                                Φ42×56.5
Operation Temp.                               -40℃ to +75℃
Connector                                           N-K
Environment                        Outdoor
Waterproof Grade                 IP66 
Humidity                               95%

Specification- Type 2

Frequency Range(MHz)             GPS LI &BDS B1
(1575.42 GHz  \1561.098MHz)
Polarization                                           RHCP
Peak Gain  (dBi)                                    
LNA Gain(dB)                                       28±3
Axial Ratio(dB)                                      ≤5
V.S.W.R                                          ≤2.5
Noise Figure                                         ≤2.0dB
Impedance(Ω)                                      50
voltage                                    3V~5V
Operating current(mA)                   <20
Dimensions (mm)                              Φ42×270
Operation Temp.                                -40℃ to +75℃
Connector                                           N-J
Environment                        Outdoor
Waterproof Grade                 IP66 
Humidity                               95%






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