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2024 Business Work Conference

Weili Valley held a business meeting on January 21, 2024, and started under the announcement of Chairman Lu!


In the direction of 2024, in the course of its own development, Weili Valley established the Foreign Trade Department under the leadership of General Manager Lv. In addition, the 2024 sales target is customized: 250 million. Sales of 130 million + in 2023, up more than 10 million compared to 2022, the company is on the rise under the leadership of General Lu.


Under the impassioned summary of the picture by Mr. Lu, we recognize the current domestic and foreign environment, and at the same time, we are full of confidence in the planning for 2024.

Next, Mr. Bai, general manager of our Beidou Division, will speak



It is believed that under the leadership of General Lu to complete the sales target, at the same time, all kinds of Beidou antennas and deep-sea antennas, low-orbit satellite antennas will also usher in a blue ocean.

Next, Mr. Wei, general manager of our automotive division, will speak


General Wei summed up the overall environment of the car factory in 2023, and more and more new energy vehicles are being made, and the demand market is also getting larger and larger. In 2024, the car network antenna division will also be a higher level.

Next, Mr. Zhao from our Internet of Things Division will speak



In 2024, the tower, the counter antenna is also a new market demand, these are new areas. Although in such an internal environment in all walks of life, there will still be new breakthroughs in iot antennas in 2024. At the same time, it also brings us good news, and certain progress has been made in bidding on foreign trade.

Next, Tang Gong, R&D team leader of our Beidou Division, will speak


The research and development direction of key deep-sea antennas in 2024, and the cost reduction of antennas from research and development, etc.

Next, Xugong, R&D team leader of our automotive division, will speak


In 2024, there will be more communication, more learning, more communication with customers before car loading, and more price from the customer's point of view.

Next, Hu Gong, R & D team leader of our Internet of Things Division, will speak


Match the customer, take the initiative to communicate with the customer, not only from the antenna to solve the problem, but also for the customer to solve the interference and other aspects of the problem.

Next, our active R & D team leader Peng Gong speaks picture


2024 predicts that the product needs to grasp the time node, and 2024 and the car association enter the car factory together to improve the research and development strength. Diversified design, price reduction does not reduce performance, technology is further advanced, do not have excess quality, meet customer needs, enrich Weili Valley electronic material modeling library and so on.

Next by our Xi 'an R & D department leader Liu Gong speech picture


Base station, plate, two-port antenna array gives us knowledge on the technology. As well as our innovative R&D patents, 2024 will be even better.

At the same time for a variety of forms, supporting different customer needs, the summary is a wide band, high gain, small structure of the antenna. Do antenna Willy Valley is the most professional.


Next, Manager Liao from our structural department will speak


Do a good job of product error prevention, avoid duplication of work, improve work efficiency. As well as structural design and supplier communication, new product research and development, structural review to bring customers high-quality products with excellent structure, which is the focus of 2024.

Next, Manager CAI of our project department will speak


In 2024, the project review will be more stringent, especially the product EMS certification, as well as the performance of each product, and the performance of products in the production line. Project planning, review time node, APQP process, etc.

Next, Manager Zhang, head of our purchasing department, will speak


Procurement selection requires suppliers to be matched with customers and suppliers within the audit system. Strictly manage supplier AQPQ data according to system control. System orders within 24 hours to reach the supplier, track and speed up the delivery of orders. Develop good professional habits, and do a good job in the company's internal and external Bridges.

Next, our PMC and Production manager will speak:


PE to develop SOP to complete manufacturing landing, as well as training. Training of production and manufacturing personnel to ensure the operability of production line personnel. The implementation of semi-automatic welding was completed in March 2024, the production of PE functions, and the implementation of PPAP followed up. Production needs to calculate carefully and think about the problem from the perspective of work management. Reduce costs and increase efficiency, avoid rework, arrange the workload of each employee, and so on.

Next, Manager Sun of our production unit will speak:


Improve production efficiency, each cable on time to complete the PMC production task table according to quality and quantity, will be counted by hour. Complete the training of all job tasks completed by at least 3-5 staff members for each pull line. We hope to achieve manufacturing profitability by 2024.

Next, our quality clock manager will speak:


Product quality control, supplier quality, environmental program, AQPA, SQE Closed loop. Process management objectives to improve. Corresponding and improving SOP with actual product, confirming product verification plan. Reduce customer complaints, 8D report reply, verification horizontal. Trial production can not go through the form, the fixture needs to be done in advance to avoid the same situation in 2023, and so on.

Next, our PMC manufacturing manager Yang will speak:


Timely reply to the delivery time of the documentary work, weekly summary, weekly production capacity control according to the implementation plan. Production plan according to quality, PE, manufacturing jointly set goals; Complete production tasks within the specified time.

Next, Mr. Luo from our finance department will speak:


Picture every project, every business, financial cost analysis to be timely. If the K3 system is not filled in time, it will focus on control in 2024. Warehouse data, material search. The 2024 national little giant needs to be written according to the expert review idea, which needs to be completed. Personnel efficiency, each personnel EMS and ERP two systems to standardize, 2024 to increase 20% and so on.

Next, our finance department Huang Juan will speak:


Data must be true and accurate, PE, project, PMC, warehouse, collected as much as possible. Daily report, daily classification, statistical analysis of various manufacturing costs. At the same time for enterprises to apply for fees. 2024 will be even better!

Next, Xu Hui of the system speaks:


ISO9000, 16949,14001, product audit, customer audit, supplier audit, KPI assessment and other work need to be carried out horizontally.

Next, the manager of our administration department will speak:


ERP and EMS system optimization, the feedback of all departments to file unified training, improve work efficiency, talent introduction, etc.

The following is our general manager's summary of the entire meeting:



The whole meeting we successfully concluded, in 2024 we roll up our sleeves to work hard, I believe that 250 million small targets under the leadership of Lv is not a problem.


Best wishes for 2024 and a happy New Year!

Post time:2024-01-22

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