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GNSS Receiver with inbuilt Antenna+RTK+Inertial system

Model Number :V2155-002-A-01
Sub-meter position accuracy Inertial Navigation antenna 
The Antenna has inbuilt:
1. Multi band & multi mode high precision positioning antenna
2. MTK 3335 Multi band & mode sub-meterhigh precision positioning moudle
3. Six-axis gyroscope High precision inertial navigation module
4. 4 meters cable

Support Beidou ,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,QZSS satellite at the sam

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GNSS Receiver with inbuilt Antenna+RTK+Inertial system


VLG's G-mouse has dual-frequency multi-mode high-precision positioning antenna, RTK dual-frequency multi-mode sub-meter high-precision positioning module and six-axis gyroscope high-precision inertial navigation module. It can quickly realize star receiving, positioning and inertial navigation, and is very convenient to use.

Key Features




 Indoor Operation 4 Satellite system Excellent Inertial navigation Sys.

The GM can automatically switch between satellite navigation and inertial navigation, and maintain sub-meter high precision positioning even when driving into "tunnels and underground parking lots";  In "urban canyons" and shaded environments, it filters drift signals and gives precise locations.  

Supports Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite signals in L1+L5 bands. It is capable of capturing and tracking any multi-satellite hybrid signal, independent of the RTK ground enhanced base station system.  In complex urban environment, it can still achieve stable and higher sub-meter positioning accuracy.GM inertial navigation algorithm can output the three-dimensional attitude of the vehicle, such as: turn left and right, uphill and downhill, left and right turbulence, collision and overturn; It can record and judge dangerous driving behaviors of drivers in the way of data, such as: rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp-turns, dangerous lane changes, fast driving on bumpy roads, collision and rollover, etc.  


GNSS Technology Parameters
GNSS EngineGNSS engine has 135 channels and DSP accelerator
GNSS SignalGPS/QZSS:  L1 C/A, L1C,   L5
BDS:  B1C, B1I, B2I
Galileo:  E1, E5
Positioning PrecisionGNSS: <1m   CEP;
SBAS:<1m   CEP;
D-GNSS:<2.5cm CEP
GNSS working Limitation Max Speed: 515m/s
Altitude 18000M
INS Parameters
Position accuracy (no GNSS) Horizontal position accuracy (CEP):<1m
Attitude accuracyHeading accuracy (RMS) 0.3°
Pitch accuracy   (RMS):0.4°
Roll accuracy (RMS):0.5°
Angular velocity accuracy (RMS)0.1/s
Speed accuracy (RMS)0.2m/s
GyroscopeRange: ±250°/s
Scale factor: ±0.2%
Angle random walk: 0.45/h
AccelerometerRange: ±8g

Zero bias stability: 5mg

Scale factor: ±0.2%

Digital interfaceUARt-TTL /IIC
Mobaud rate 115,200 BPS
Data update frequency3hz
Data sampling frequency100hz
Power supply3.0 V to 3.6 V
power consumption60 mA
Working Temp.-35°C—+85°C
Antenna Parameters
Frequency GPS L1/L5、BDS B1/   B2、GLONASS L1
PolarizationRight-hand circular polarization 
 Gain (dBi)Elevator 90°≥4.0, -1dB   Beam Width°≥120°
Axial Ratio ≤3dB
LNA Gain 22±2dB
 Flatness in Band ±2dB
Noise Figure <2.0
DC Voltage 3.0-5.0V

Product Application: 

This GPS-mouser can be widely used in the application required high precision position and navigation i.e. 

◼ Front loading car factory

◼ Public transport, commercial vehicle, freight truck market

◼ Car rental, ride-hailing and car-sharing companies;

◼ Robots, drones, unmanned ships, low-speed unmanned vehicles;

◼ High-precision positioning of vehicles in port, wharf, warehouse and other environments;

◼ Low speed automatic driving, automatic parking;

◼ Vehicle insurance UBI, Internet of Vehicles, Automotive big Data.1717036121906167.png

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