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AMFM+DAB Thin Film Antenna (V9)

 Product name:AMFM+DAB Thin Film Antenna (V9)
 Model Number:V557-069-A-01
1: Frequency range :AM:520KHz-1710KHz,FM:87.5MHz-108MHz,
2. Input impedance :50
3. Voltage standing wave ratio :≤ 4.0
4. Working temperature :-40 ~ +85

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Product Details

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Antenna Advantage

AMFM/DAB broadcast antenna,The antenna substrate is transparent, with high conductivity and low internal resistance etched antenna resonators.The bottom of the antenna substrate adopts automotive-grade 3M double-sided adhesiveIntegrated AM/FM/DAB function, small occupied space, flexible layout, convenient connection, wide application.Adhesive installation on the automotive spoiler, locked connection with the car's amplifier.Easy installation, easy maintenance and replacement.The product is calibrated to the automotive spoiler for performance debugging.Broad frequency band, high gain, strong isolation, high sensitivityStable and smooth audio signal reception.

Key Features





Thin and beautiful

Thin film antenna using silver paste line printing technology, so that the antenna can be very thin and thin, the thickness can be as low as 0.25mm, which not only reduces the burden of the car, but also more in line with the requirements of modern cars for streamlined design and aesthetics. Transparent or translucent design can be perfectly integrated with the car glass, without affecting the appearance of the body.

Stable signal reception 

Although thin and thin, thin film antennas can still provide stable signal reception capabilities, suitable for a variety of frequency bands, including but not limited to GPS, radio, mobile communications, etc., to ensure the information interaction needs of the car during the driving process.

Strong environmental adaptability

Transparent or frosted film material can adapt to different lighting conditions, does not produce reflection, does not affect the work of other electronic devices such as GPS global positioning system, and can maintain good performance under different climatic conditions.


The production process of thin film antennas reduces material loss and, combined with its simple structural design, makes the overall cost relatively low, which is a significant advantage for automobile manufacturers.





Easy to integrate and install 

Due to its thinness and plasticity, the thin film antenna can be directly attached to the glass or other surfaces of the car, simplifying the assembly process and reducing the installation difficulty and time cost.

Reduced wind resistance and potential damage

Compared to traditional whip or longer ground antennas, thin film antennas cling to the body and do not add additional wind resistance or damage when passing through low areas or tunnels.


 In addition to the basic signal reception function, the thin film antenna can also be integrated with other functions, such as acting as an electrostatic discharger to help release the accumulated static electricity of the car shell and protect the passenger safety and body circuits.

With its unique advantages,

automotive thin film antenna is gradually becoming an ideal choice for intelligent networked vehicles and vehicles pursuing high performance and beautiful design.


Single Antenna Parameters
Working Temperature-40 ~ +85
Gain>0 dBi
VSWR≤ 4.0

Installation suggestion

This antenna can be widely used in the vehicle’s pre & after market.


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Except 4G/5G,  the frequency of AM/FM, DAB, V2X, WIFI, BLE, NFC, and ect. are customizable as well. Contact VLG by E-mail: Mayxu@vlg.com.cn for deeper discussion.



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