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SMA-F to Ipex 3 coaxial cable 130mm

Cable Length: 130MM

Connector: SMA Female to IPEX3

Brand	VLG

VSWR   ≤2.0

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SMA female head turn IPEX (also known as U.F.L or UMCC) 3 converter cables are mainly used for the transmission and connection 

of RF signals, especially in situations where space is limited or miniaturized connectors are required. The main uses of this adapter 

include, but are not limited to:

1. Wireless communication equipment: 

In mobile communication equipment such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modules, GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, the antenna is usually connected to the

 motherboard through the IPEX 3 generation connector, and the RF circuit on the motherboard may use the SMA interface. This 

adapter connects SMA-standard test equipment or external antennas to miniaturized wireless modules with IPEX ports.

2. Rf testing: 

When performing RF performance tests in the R&D laboratory, engineers may use standard test instruments with SMA interfaces,

and the device under test (DUT) may be designed using IPEX connectors. At this point, the SMA female head-turn IPEX adapter  

cable is used to establish an accurate and stable connection to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data.

3. Embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Due to their compact size, IPEX connectors are often used for RF signal transmission inside embedded systems and iot devices. 

If these devices need to be used with external test equipment or larger antennas, such conversion cables are needed to complete 

the transition.

4. Drones, satellite navigation systems, radio equipment: 

In order to be lightweight and miniaturized, equipment in these fields will also choose IPEX connectors to connect antennas, and in 

the process of maintenance, upgrade or commissioning, SMA to IPEX conversion cables may be required for flexible configuration.

SMA female head to IPEX 3 adapter cables play a key role in a variety of scenarios where RF signals need to be converted between 

different interface standards.

                                                                                                                                 Key Features





     Wide compatibilityStable and reliable signal transmission   Compact and portable     Easy to install and use
It can adapt to various IoT devices and different interface types, achieving convenient connections between different devices.Ensure stable data transmission, reduce signal loss or interference, and ensure the normal operation of the Internet of Things system.

compact in size, not taking up too much space, convenient to carry and use, suitable for different scene needs.

Easy to operate, no need for complex settings or professional skills, plug and play.


Frequency Range


                                                                                                                                 application area 


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