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2.0uH NFC antenna with Ipex connector

NFC antenna for near-field communication and mobile payments
Frequency :  13.56Mhz
Working Voltage : /
Gain: /
Inductance: 2.0uH
Impedance:  /
Dimension :   50mm(L)×35mm(W)×1.29mm(H) 
Cable length and spec: 90mm (IPEX+φ1.13 ,Customizable)

Product Details

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Product introduction

NFC can exchange data in close proximity to each other by integrating inductive card readers, inductive cards, and point-to-point communication functions on a single chip Suitable for: Mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identity recognition, anti-counterfeiting and other applications

Functional characteristics







1. Double sided NFC antenna, widely used in NFC applications with superior performance       2.Small size and flexible installation
        Size:  50×35×1.29mm
        Adhesive and magnetic  
3. Wide application
 Various models
      Mobile payment, access control, and mobile identity recognition

specification parameter

Electrical/mechanical parameters:
Basic information:2.0uH NFC antenna with Ipex connector
Cable Length:90mm(Customizable)
Installation method:Adhesive
Cable:1.13 coaxial cable
Environment protection:ROHS


Application scenarios


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