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600-6000Mhz omnidirectional all-band fiberglass antenna

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
600-6000MHz omnidirectional antenna with good signal,The interior adopts PCB structure antenna element
Frequency range    600-6000MHz
Maximum gain (dBi)    6.0 dBi
VSWR    ≤ 3
vertical polarization
Horizontal Beamwidth(0º)360º 
Input Impedance(Ω)50Ω
Input connector typeN type head (Customizable)

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This high-performance fiberglass antenna is designed to optimize your 5G experience. With a wide operating frequency range of 600-6000MHz, it covers most global cellular bands, ensuring compatibility with various 5G networks. This antenna is particularly well-suited for boosting signal reception for ZTE and Huawei 5G routers and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), providing a reliable and powerful connection for your devices.

key Features




Unmatched Connectivity Across 5G Bands

This antenna boasts exceptional versatility with its broad spectrum support (600-6000MHz) encompassing all major 5G bands. Regardless of your location or carrier, you can expect excellent network performance.

Enhanced Signal Strength for a Robust Connection

This antenna delivers a maximum gain of 6.0 dBi, effectively amplifying cellular signals. This translates to improved reception, faster data transfer speeds, and a more stable connection for all your devices.

Reliable Communication with Minimized Signal Loss

Featuring a low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of ≤ 3, this antenna minimizes signal loss on the transmission line. This ensures efficient communication and a reliable connection for uninterrupted calls, streaming, and downloads.




Frequency Range


Max Gain

6.0 dBi


≤ 3



Horizontal Beamwidth (0º)


Input Impedance (Ω)


Input Connector Type

N-Type (Customizable)

Dimensions (mm) (H / W / D)

Ø25 x 270mm


  • Boosting 5G Signal Strength for ZTE & Huawei Devices: Enhance cellular reception in  homes, offices, and remote locations with weak signal issues, particularly optimized for ZTE and Huawei devices.

  • Improved Mobile Hotspot Performance: Amplify signal strength for mobile hotspots and  internet gateways, ensuring better internet connectivity for multiple      devices.

  • Strengthening Signal for Cellular Devices: Improve signal reception for security cameras,  industrial equipment, and other cellular-based devices.

  • Long-Range 4G/5G Communication: Support reliable 4G/5G data transfer for applications  requiring extended range connectivity.


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