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Omni MIMO 4G Antenna MIMO LTE antenna 6DBI MIMO antenna

Brand	VLG

Frequency  698-960/1710-2700MHz

Impedance 50Ω

VSWR   ≤2.0

Gain    4±1/6±1dBi

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The OMNI MIMO 4G Antenna MIMO LTE Antenna is designed to deliver robust and reliable connectivity for 4G LTE applications. Featuring a gain of 4dBi to 6dBi, this antenna operates within the 698-960MHz and 1710-2700MHz frequency ranges. Its omnidirectional radiation pattern ensures comprehensive coverage, making it ideal for various applications such as smart homes, industrial gateways, and outdoor communication setups. The antenna's weather-resistant design ensures durability in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Key features


Reliable Signal Transmission for Versatile Applications

With a gain of up to 6dBi, this MIMO antenna ensures strong signal transmission and reception, supporting efficient communication for diverse applications. Its design makes it suitable for installations where maintaining a steady and reliable connection is critical, such as in smart street lights and wireless meter reading systems.


Comprehensive Coverage with Omnidirectional Radiation

The antenna’s omnidirectional radiation pattern provides 360-degree horizontal coverage, eliminating the need for precise alignment. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications requiring wide-area signal distribution, such as public safety communications and mission-critical communications.


Vertical Polarization for Optimal Performance

Featuring vertical polarization, this antenna effectively maintains signal integrity and performance in various environmental conditions. This ensures consistent and reliable communication, making it ideal for LTE and IoT network applications.


Durable Construction for Harsh Environments

Constructed with high-quality ABS or optional fiberglass materials, the antenna is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, even in challenging weather scenarios. The antenna also supports pole and wall mounting, providing flexibility in installation.










Horizontal Beamwidth (0º): 


Vertical Beamwidth (0º): 


Ovality (dB): 


Input Impedance (Ω): 


Maximum Input Power (W): 


Input Connector Type: 

280mm RG58U white direct cable with N-K connector (Customizable)

Lightning Protection: 

DC Ground

Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 


Antenna Weight (kg): 

0.45Kg (N.W)

Rated Wind Velocity (m/s): 


Operational Humidity (%): 


Radome Color: 


Radome Material: 

ABS (Optional - Fiberglass)

Operating Temperature (ºC): 

-30 to 65 º

Installation Method:

 Pole / Wall mount


This versatile OMNI MIMO 4G Antenna is well-suited for a variety of applications, including:

  • Smart homes

  • Industrial gateways

  • Wireless meter reading

  • Smart street lights

  • Public safety communications

  • Mission-critical communications

  • LTE and IoT networks

  • Outdoor cabinets

  • Smart gateways

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