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2* 4G/5G+2X2 5G MIMO Antenna with mini Fakra (700~5000MHz)

4-in-1 2* 4G/5G+2X2 5G MIMO Antenna

* Frequency Bands: 700~960MHz, 1710~2690MHz, 3300~5000MHz
* Gain: 0 Min
* VSWR: ≤4
* Average efficiency: 700~960MHz: 30%; 1710~2690MHz: 50%; 3300~5000MHz: 50%;
* Technology: 5G/4G
* Cable Length: 50cm
* Connector Type: SMA -Male(SMA-J)
* Input impedance: 50Ω
* Dimensions: φ120 x 43mm
* Application with 5G/LTE-A/LPWA/LTE-Standard/GSM/GPRS/WiFi/Smart telecommunication modules. Can be widely used in industries, like charging pile, special engineering 

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4-in-1 2* 4G/5G+2X2 5G MIMO Antenna  (700~5000MHz)

Product Overview

This ultra-wide-band 5G antenna box provides broad coverage from 700-5000MHz supporting 2*5G and 2x2 5G MIMO whilst backward-compatible to support 4G/3G/2G networks as well at Cat-M and NB-IoT. 

Key Features





Easy Installation

IP67 Protection2x2 MIMO Tech.High Efficiency
The antenna is designed to work with various GND plane sizes or in free space for ease of integration with connection via 4 customizable length cable & connector.This screw mount omnidirectional antenna is easy to install with maximum durability with its IP67 enclosure.This combination antenna comes with 2X2 MIMO antenna, which allows the device to transmit and receive several signals in one time, give user great experience on flying Internet speed.This antenna has efficiency up to 62%, which gurantee the signal can be transmit and receipt effectively, which is important to increase the whole performance of the communciation system.


Function5G MIMO 15G MIMO 2
5G Main Antenna5G AUX Antenna

(1) Frequency range: 





(2) V.S.W.R: 


(3) Impedance: 


(4) Gain:

Min/Max 1.98/3.87dBiMin/Max 1.18/4.16 dBi
 Min/Max -0.99/4.08dBiMin/Max -0.91/4.26dBi
(5) Polarization: Linear

(6) Efficiency

Max 58%Max 60%

Max 62%

Max 58%

Mechanical Specifications

(1) Size(mm)


(2) Casing


Environmental Requirements

(1) Operating temperature

 -20℃ ~ +80℃

(2)  Protection grade



 Charging pile, special engineering vehicle, truck, agricultural vehicles, and etc.


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