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Built-in GPS BDS 25x25mm active ceramic antenna 18dbi

Main specifications/performance:
Frequency :1561.098MHz~1575.42MHz
Impedance:  50Ω
Polarization type: RHCP
Dimension : 25mm(L)×25mm(W) 
Connectors and cables: IPEX+φ1.13(Customizable)

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Product introduction

This is a ceramic antenna with small size, high gain, and support for GPS+BDS dual frequency (1561.098MHz~1575.42MHz), which can achieve joint positioning and navigation of multiple systems. It has the advantages of high stability and strong anti-interference ability.

Suitable for: trackers, cars, electric vehicles, navigation equipment, instruments, etc.

Functional characteristics





1. Dual band support. Passive and active design, suitable for different application needs.


2. Excellent anti-interference performance design, able to significantly reduce electromagnetic interference generated by the surrounding environment and electronic devices.

Specification parameter

Antenna Element,LNA&Cable:
Center Frequency:1561.098MHz~1575.42MHz
Voltage:DC 3.0±0.3V
Current: 5mA max
LNA Gain18±2dBi typ
Noise Figure:≤2.0dB max
Bandwidth: 20MHz min
Output VSWR:≤2.0 max
Output Impedance:50Ω
Dimensions:25mm(L)×25mm(W)×4.5mm(H) \Φ1.13 Coaxial cable (customizable)
Passive Antenna:
Dimensions:25mm(L)×25mm(W)×2.0mm(H) typ
Center Frequency:1561.098MHz-1575.42MHz
Bandwidth:20MHz min
Peak Gain:≥1.0 dBi  typ
Output VSWR:≤2.0dB max
Output Impedance:50Ω


Application scenarios


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