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Beidou & GPS position 3-in-1 antenna for handheld phone

Main specifications/performance:
Frequency :
L1& B1:1555MHz~1580MHz
Gain Elevation 90 °:
Impedance:  50Ω
Polarization type: 
Right-hand circular polarization (L1, B1, S)
Left-hand circular polarization (L)
Dimension : 67mm(L)×27mm(W) ×9mm(H)
Connectors and cables: IPEX+φ1.13(Customizable)

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Product introduction

 This antenna is a four band antenna that covers GPS L1, Beidou B1, and Beidou generation transceivers.

Suitable for: navigation scheduling, tracking and monitoring, measurement and control, and military fields. It is particularly suitable for high-speed mobile systems and fields such as aviation

Functional characteristics





1. The antenna part adopts tiled design to realize the combination of multi-system and multi-frequency points, and has small size and beautiful appearance.


2. And the antenna gain is high, the pattern beam is wide, the receiving effect of low elevation signal is good, to ensure that the star can still be normally received in some cases with more serious occlusion.

Specification parameter

Electrical/mechanical parameters:
Frequency Range:L1& B1:1555MHz~1580MHz/S:2487MHz~2497MHz/L:1612MHz~1621MHz
VSWR: ≤2
Input Impendence:  50Ω
Gain Elevation 90 °: B1、L1≥0.5dBi/L≥1.5dBi/S≥2dBi
Polarization: Right-hand circular polarization (L1, B1, S)/Left-hand circular polarization (L)
Working Temperature:-30 °C to +65°C
Antenna Size:67×27×9mm
Connectors and cables: IPEX+φ1.13(Customizable)
Environmental protection: ROHS


Application scenarios


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