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Satellite communication module antenna


Antenna gain

Vertex gain emission ≥5.0dBi.

Reception ≥4.5dBi

Theta,35° Minimum ≥3.0dBi.

Theta 45° Minimum ≥2.0dBi

Theta 60° Minimum value ≥0dBi


Impedance (Ω).50

Application :automotive, conventional communications, smart home, etc

Product Details

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Satellite communication module -Antenna

Product Overview

The product is small in size, beautiful in appearance, with high gain, all-directional, high reliability and other characteristics, can be used with satellite communication equipment, easy to install, widely used in navigation scheduling, tracking monitoring, measurement and control and other military and civilian fields.

Key Features




High Gain

Good directivityLow insertion loss
The antenna vibrator is made of aluminum die-casting process and wrapped with high-performance connecting parts to ensure antenna consistency and high gain.Circular design, using four channels to receive satellite signals, 360 degrees omnidirectional without dead corners.The high performance coaxial line is fully enclosed inside, and the coaxial cable with large size, low loss and low standing wave ratio is used outside to connect satellite communication signals.


Function Antenna Part 
Frequency Range1980~2010MHz/2170~2200MHz
Antenna gain

emission ≥5.0dBi;Reception ≥4.5dBi

Antenna gainTheta,35° Minimum ≥3.0dBi
Antenna gainTheta 45° Minimum ≥2.0dBi
Antenna gainTheta 60° Minimum value ≥0dBi

Environmental Requirements

(1) Operating temperature

 -40℃ ~ +85℃

(2) Storage temperature

-40℃ ~ +90℃
(3) Protection grade IP52 (after vehicle assembl  y)


Various Car, Caravan, Enginering Vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, and ect.

This antenna is a dual-frequency antenna covering large S-band transceiver, which can be applied to vehicle and other fields.


4G GPS automotive antenna manufacturers supplier

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