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600-6000Mhz wide band 5G Antenna

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
600-6000Mhz wide band 5G Antenna with good signal for ZTE, Huawei 5G Router, 5G CPE

FrequencyRange	600-6000MHz

Max Gain(dBi)	5.38dBi

VSWR	≤2.3

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This versatile 5G rubber antenna offers exceptional performance for a wide range of indoor applications. Its multi-band design supports frequencies from 600-6000MHz, ensuring compatibility with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, LoRa, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies.

Key Features





Compact and Flexible Design

The compact rubber construction provides durability and easy integration with various indoor devices like routers, industrial meters, and smart home appliances. Additionally, the customizable length and SMA-Female connector (also customizable) allow for a tailored fit for different applications.

simple and easy to use

Easy to install, users do not need professional knowledge to quickly deploy, reducing installation costs and time


The 6G band glue stick antenna is suitable for a variety of wireless communication devices and systems, including but not limited to the 5GHz UNII/ISM band wireless access system, to meet the needs of modern high-speed data transmission.


Such antennas usually have the ability to receive and transmit signals in an omnidirectional manner, which means that they can receive signals from all directions without the need to precisely align the signal source, increasing the flexibility of use


600-6000Mhz wide band 5G Antenna with good signal for ZTE, Huawei 5G Router, 5G CPE
FrequencyRange 600-6000MHz
Max Gain(dBi) 1dBi@600-960MHz;2dBi@1700-2700MHz;3dBi@3300-6000MHz
VSWR ≤2.5
Polarization Verticle
Horizontal Beamwidth(0º) 360º
Input Impedance(Ω) 50Ω

Input connector type


Dimensions¬mm(H /W /D ) 30×270mm


  • IoT Terminals: Enhances connectivity for a wide range of IoT devices.

  • 5G CPE: Supports high-speed 5G internet access.

  • Power Systems: Ensures reliable communication in power management applications.

  • Other Uses: Suitable for any application requiring extended 4G/5G cellular connectivity.


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