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Free HD Channel TV Antenna

Brand	VLG
Dtmb/HDTV digital TV antenna
Professional OEM and ODM Antenna Designer and Manufacturer
Frequency Range (MHz)  :UHF470- 862
Bandwidth (MHz)            :70
Input Impendence (Ω)    :75
V.S.W.R                          :≤2.0
Gain (dBi)                       :25
Polarization Type           :Vertical
Power Capacity (w)        :50
Cable Length                 :3m
Connect Type                :IEC Male
Bandwidth                     :70 MHz
Working Temp(℃)         :-40~85

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Dtmb/HDTV digital TV antenna, the basic function of a television antenna is to capture radio signals sent from a television station, which typically travel within the very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) bands. By receiving these electromagnetic waves and converting them into electrical signals, the antenna enables the television to decode and display television programs.

Key Features




Small size and easy to install

It is small in size and designed to be placed indoors, such as near a television. Although convenient, the reception effect may be limited by the structure of the building and the distance from the broadcast tower.

High gain good signal

It can enhance the signal reception ability, and the omnidirectional antenna can receive signals from multiple directions

Durable and durable

ABS durable and drop resistant


Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range (MHz)UHF470- 862
Bandwidth (MHz)70
Input Impendence (Ω)75
Gain (dBi)25
Polarization TypeVertical
Power Capacity (w)50
Mechanical Specifications
Cable Length3m
Connect TypeIEC Male
Bandwidth70 MHz
Working Temp(℃)-20~75
Storage Temp(° C)-20~75



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