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GPS BDS Glonass timing antenna 32dBi

GPS BDS Glonass timing antenna 32dBi
Model :V2195-001-A-08
Frequency Range(MHz):1575.42±1.023, 1561.098±2.046
LNA Gain(dB):32±2
Axis ratio(dB)<5@ Center Frequency
Noise figure(dB):<2.5max
Output VSWR	≤ 2.0:1
Output impedance(ohm):50
Prime power(V):3V~8V
Operating current(mA):≤30mA 
Operation Environment:	Outdoor,IP67
Lightning surge performance:5ka 8/20us ±5times
Applications: base station, power equipment, satellite clock, nav

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   The timing antenna is a high-performance, multi-band compatible antenna device designed to meet high precision timing and positioning requirements. By integrating advanced RF technology and precision manufacturing process, the antenna can simultaneously receive and process signals in multiple frequency bands such as GPS L1 and Beidou II B1, providing high-precision satellite synchronization signals for base stations, power equipment, satellite clocks, navigation and other fields.



                                                                           Key Features





Multi-band compatibility:
 frequency 1558~1578MHz,

Supports multiple frequency bands such as GPS L1 and Beidou second-generation B1 to meet the timing needs of different systems

High gain, good performance: 
LAN gain 32±2dB, it can effectively amplify the weak satellite signal to ensure that even in the weak signal environment can achieve fast and accurate positioning.

easy installation, beautiful appearance:
size:φ102*93mm             compact design, small space occupation, easy installation. The round appearance is simple and generous, suitable for various installation environments and equipment requirements.

Lightning and electrostatic protection design:
It can effectively prevent the damage of lightning and static electricity to the antenna, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment in bad weather conditions.


GPS Dielectric antenna technical specification
Frequency1568±10 MHz
Band Width≥ 20MHz
Gain4 dBi
Output VSWR1.5 max
Antenna Specification (Include LNA)
Range Of Receiving Frequency (MHz)1575.42±1.023, 1561.098±2.046
Gain(dB)32±2  (LNA)
Axis ratio(dB)< 5@ Center Frequency
Front to back Power (dB)> 10
3dB beam width110±100
Noise figure(dB)< 2.5max
Output VSWR≤ 2.0:1
Output impedance(ohm)50
Out of band rejection(dBc)f0=1568MHz±50MHz:50dBc min f0=1568MHz±100MHz:65dBc min
Passband Ripple(dB)1575.42MHz±1.023MHz : <1dB
1561.098MHz±2.046MHz : <1dB
1dB compression point output(dBm)>-10(Only LNA)
Jam rejection of large signalWhen a large signal of 0dBm is added to a frequency 100MHz away from the center, the change of the antenna's in-band gain is less than 2dB.  
Reception functions are normal in these conditionsWhen a large signal of -10dBm is added to a frequency 60MHz away from the center, the change of the antenna's in-band gain is less than 2dB.  

When a large signal of -20dBm is added to a frequency 50MHz away from the center, the change of the antenna's in-band gain is less than 2dB. 
Prime power(V)3V~8V
Operating current(mA)≤30mA 
Operating Temperature(℃)~40℃~ +80℃
Store Temperature(℃)-45℃~ +85℃
Operation EnvironmentOutdoor, Meet IP67
Lightning surge performance 5ka 8/20us  ±5 times




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